Complete M.A.R.S.  Series Rules
- as of 10/01/05 - 


Note 1:    Throughout these rules, the term "Car" shall refer to a chassis and body combination and don't insinuate a specific body style. For an individual breakdown of the MARS Series Rules, please see: BeachJet, NASCAR, Trans-Am, and CheapJet (Note** Modifieds and JLs are not being ran this season.) All the information presented in the individual class pages was taken from the "Original" MARS Series Rules. Here is a quick list of the Rules Updates for the 3rd Season.

Note 2:    Since the rules were originally written as a single set, there were inconsistencies, in such cases, the individual "Class Rules" pages are the ONLY "Official Rules", and as such supercede the "Original Rules." Please review the individual "Class Rules" and address questions concerning them to either the WebMaster or to the M.A.R.S. Yahoo Group itself for explanations or clarifications.